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Our Club Competitions

There are currently 3 Club Competitions

Club Aggregate

Head to Head

Pat Byrne Trophy

Field Target is a competitive sport and we are proud that we are one of the few clubs in the uk which offers it's members the chance to take part in one of our competitions almost every week of the year.
Our competitions are open to club Members only but visitors will be welcome to shoot the course with us although their scores will not be entered into the ongoing results and placings.

Club Aggregate and Head to Head

  • The Club Aggregate competition is based on a standard FT course and will include kneeling and standing lanes.

  • The Head to Head competition will have a greater proportion of small hit-zones which are generally shot at shorter ranges and will not include kneeling and standing lanes.

  • Both competitions are aggregate competitions based on a calendar year with one round of each competion being shot on alternate weekends.

  • Final competition points are awarded on the best 10 scores a shooter achieves over the calendar year.

  • Points are based on percentages, with the best score on the day being 100%.

  • The scores will be marked x for a hit (where the target falls) and 0 for a miss.

  • The Club Aggregate competition is held on a league basis but, within the league, shooters will be grouped into 1 of 3 grades - A, B, or C.  Grades for each calendar year will be based on a shooter's average score from all Club Aggregate plus Head to Head rounds shot in the previous calendar year. 

  • The Head to Head competition will also be on a league basis but will not be graded,

  • New members will automatically be placed  into A grade but this will be revised after their first 4 scores. Shooters may elect to shoot in a higher grade , but not in a lower one. This grading is club grading only and might not be the same as the BFTA grading.

To find out more about grading

Pat Byrne Trophy

  • This trophy is named in memory of one of our members who died in 2009. It is an annual FT competition for Millride members only and is held at the time of our usual Christmas shoot.

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