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Club Rules

 Millride FTC is affiliated with The British Field Target Association and therefore, in the main, adheres to it's rules for our own competitions. However, some of these rules may be relaxed at the discretion of the Committee, and/or in accordance with custom and practise.

  • Always treat your gun as loaded while not at the firing line.

  • Carry your gun muzzle down at all times.

  • Remove the magazine between lanes if it is multi-shot.

  • Load only one pellet if it is a fixed magazine system.

  • All guns must be pointing down range while being loaded.

  • Never start shooting until the course has been declared open by the course setters.

  • Never cross any firing line without first calling a ceasefire (see below).

  • Never discharge your rifle anywhere that is not a designated shooting area.

  • Never rest the muzzle on your foot.

  • Never look through your scope anywhere except over a firing line.

  • When using a spring gun always maintain a grip on the muzzle when the breach is open.

  • If you have difficulty in rising from a non-standing position, either put your rifle on the floor or on your beanbag, or ask a fellow shooter to help by taking your rifle. Do not swing your gun around in the air.

Safety Rules

Horn and Whistle Signals

  • One blast means stop shooting.

  • Two blasts means all clear (continue shooting).

  • On hearing one blast, discharge your rifle into the ground (if it is loaded)at a safe distance across the firing line, and stop shooting.

  • Be aware of the actions of other shooters to ensure that they have heard the whistle or horn and are adhering to the safety procedure. 

Rifle Power Limit

Under no circumstances should the power of a rifle exceed the statutory limit at which a firearms certificate is required.  The statutory limit is currently 12 ft/lbs, Furthermore the BFTA stipulates that a rifle should be 5 feet per second below the statutory limit.

The consequences of shooting a rifle in excess of the legal limit without a firearms certificate are severe, and the consequence of of exceeding the BFTA limit is disqualification from a shoot. 

The responsibility of compliance remains at all times with the shooter but we do have a chronograph at the Club so that power levels may be checked. The Club reserves the right to check rifles periodically or if there is a suspicion that power levels are being exceeded.

BFTA Main Shoot Rules

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